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Use Paywitty's Fast Checkout to sell directly to your customers right within Instagram comments, Twitter, Facebook & Whatsapp

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Paywitty - Sell right within Instagram

You post it. They buy it.

It works where you and your customers already are – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Whatsapp. They want to buy from you right then and there in a smart way. That’s what Paywitty offers you. Welcome to the smart and lightning fast way of selling.

Paywitty - Sell on Instagram

Paywitty makes social selling faster by letting your customer shop and checkout in one step instead of multiple/complex checkout processes. This helps you reduce cart abandonment.

  • World's easiest one-page checkout
  • Let Instagram visitors checkout with link in bio
  • Can be shared on Facebook, Twitter & Whatsapp too
  • Accept payments from 135+ currencies powered by Stripe
  • You #SELL in the moment!
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Think of your Instagram page as the ecommerce site and the comment section is your add-to-cart button. Buyers just comment “#buy” to place their order.

  • Make your photo shoppable by adding #SELL
  • Your IG visitors can add to cart by commenting #BUY
  • Convert your engagements directly into sales
  • Paywitty helps identify and serve on potential customers
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Paywitty automatically replies your customers and keep the conversation active till sale is made. Paywitty saves you the stress and follows up for you.

  • Provide automated guide to checkout within Instagram
  • Offer support while you're away
  • Direct visitors to checkout
  • Automatic email marketing, offers and reminders
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Why #sell on Social Media

4.14 billion people across the world are using social media as at October 2020*, including your potential customers! With the social media platforms innovating ways to keep their attention retained, it becomes increasingly difficult to draw people to your ecommerce website after liking your posts. That's where Paywitty comes in, giving you a "Fast Checkout" link so customers buy from you right within Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp.

How to #SELL using Paywitty

Easy to start selling online on Paywitty in just 4 simple steps.


Create your account

Sign in to Paywitty with your email address to get your "Fast Checkout (FC)" link. You can also connect your Instagram Business Account and make your IG posts shoppable.

Paywitty - Sell right within Instagram

Receive orders and sell your product

Use your FC as your link-in-bio on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter or share to your followers. Buyers simply use the link to buy your products right where they are.

Additionally, when your Instagram followers comment on your post, our AI detect comments that have an intent to buy, then it automatically places an order for them and guide them to fast checkout.

Paywitty - Sell right within Instagram

Get payments and grow your business

Credit card payment processing is made easy with our Stripe integrations. Customers feel secure checking out with Stripe.

We never hold your payments. After you make a sale, you'll instantly receive the money in your Stripe account. You are empowered to grow your business.

Paywitty - Sell right within Instagram

Manage your customers

Package and Ship to your customer. Your customers can track the whole process online.

Your FREE Paywitty storefront is always a replica of your Instagram page making it easy for IG followers to find your product and checkout easily.

Paywitty - Sell right within Instagram

Simple and secure payment

No monthly fees or listing fees. No Contracts. Paywitty simply charges a flat 3% transaction processing fee on a per sale basis.

Paywitty features payments by Stripe for security and ease of use. We never require your Stripe password, and we never see your social network passwords.

Paywitty - Sell right within Instagram

Frequently Asked Questions

What is paywitty?

It is a platform that helps you to sell directly to your customers right within Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. Learn more.

How does Paywitty work?

Step 1 – Sign in to Paywitty with your email address or Instagram Business Account to get a Fast Checkout link.

Step 2 – Share your Fast Checkout link with your followers.

Step 3 – Receive orders and sell your product. Learn more.

How do I place an Order?

Use the seller's Fast Checkout link on their social media page to securely buy from them. If you're on Instagram, comment #buy on our seller's posts, then visit the link in bio to checkout. Learn more.

How do I as a Seller get paid?

Create or connect your existing Stripe account. Paywitty takes a 3% of each transaction and then transfers the remaining amount into any bank of your choice. Learn more.

Paywitty - Sell right within Instagram

Start selling by connecting
your Instagram Business Account

To connect Instagram Business Account, you must first give authorization through the Facebook website.


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