Use AI to sell directly to your customers
right within Instagram comments


Over 1 billion actively use Instagram
including your potential customers!

However, the problem is, buyers are 5-6 steps away from making their first purchase from you. With Paywitty, we shortened the whole process to 2 steps, “comment” and “checkout”. Your customers can comment #buy to add item to cart and simply checkout with the link in bio. This is the sure way to reducing your loses to cart abandonment by making checkout easier and faster.

Paywitty in 60 seconds

You post it. They buy it.

It works where you and your customers already are – Instagram. Think of your page as the ecommerce site and the comment section is your add-to-cart button. Buyers just comment “#buy” to place their order. No drama.

Increase Instagram conversion

Unlike traditional ecommerce storefront solutions that takes customers away from your products, Paywitty activates your sales opportunity by converting your engagement directly into sales. Also track your sales, engagements and ROI.

Fast Checkout

Paywitty makes social selling faster by letting your customer shop and checkout in one step instead of multiple/complex checkout process. We help you reduce cart abandonment. You #SELL in the moment!


4 Simple steps to start selling on Instagram using


Register and list your products

  • Sign in to Paywitty with your Instagram Business Account (Linked to Facebook Page) to create a free ecommerce store for your products that you can put in your bio.
  • Paywitty offer a fast checkout link option that Instagram buyers and guests can use to shop and checkout in just one single page.
  • After connecting your Instagram Business Account to Paywitty, you can easily list a product by adding “@yourstorehandle #sell #product name #xx.xxUSD” to caption or comment section.

Receive orders and sell your product

  • Your followers comment on your posts already, buying with a word is a breeze. Just tell them to comment “@yourstorehandle #buy” to buy it and then follow the fast checkout link in your bio to checkout.
  • The more comments to purchase, the more interested new shoppers will be in the posted product

Get payments and grow your business

  • Credit card payment processing is made easy with our Stripe integrations. Customers feel secure checking out.
  • We never hold your payments. After you make a sale, you'll instantly receive the money in your Stripe account. We want you to grow your business.

Package and ship with ease

  • Package and Ship to your customer.
  • Your customers can track the whole process online.


Simple and secure

No monthly fees or listing fees.
Paywitty simply charges a flat 2% transaction processing fee on a per sale basis.***
Listing Fee
Transaction Fee

Here's what you get for your fee:

  • Paywitty features payments by Stripe for security and ease of use. We never require your Stripe password, and we never see your social network passwords.
  • Buyers can securely pay for your products using Stripe or any major credit/debit card.
  • We never hold your payments. After you make a sale, you’ll instantly receive the money in your Stripe account. Easily track your sales & orders from your Paywitty dashboard.
Paywitty does not charge any commission fees from buyers. There are only two parties involved in payment process from beginning to the end — Buyer and Seller. The sellers pays both Paywitty and Stripe for processing the payment.

*All financial issues must be solved through Stripe Resolution Center.
**Please note that Paywitty transaction fees does not include Stripe processing fee usually 2.9% + 0.30USD.

Start selling by connecting
your Instagram Business Account

To connect Instagram Business Account, you must first give authorization through the Facebook website.