How to Sell on Instagram: The Ultimate Guide to Successfully Selling on Instagram

Paywitty is a true one page ecommerce platform that allows buyers to shop multiple items intuitively and checkout on that same page. Infusing this with Instagram, users can now add to cart by just commenting while payment processing is secured with Stripe.

Introduction to Instagram

Every day, hundreds of millions of people use the website and Instagram mobile app, which is owned by Facebook. The top posts on the website attract millions of visitors and make it a valuable tool for businesses, as it offers a new way to interact with the customers. Of course, Instagram has many rivals, including Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter, and some other promising social networks are growing fast. However, in our opinion, Instagram holds the most promise for startups because of its unique selling point: the ability to directly sell a product on the site without spending any money.

Why is Instagram a good platform for merchants?

There are over 1 billion active users on Instagram, this creates immense opportunity for the businesses to find potential customers on the platform. Also, it is one of the biggest social media network. It means that the business can easily tap into the Instagram market. All the users are pretty much active on the platform, and most of them are present in the age group of 18-34 years. What makes Instagram a preferred platform for merchants? Instagram is more visual in nature. It allows marketers to post images with a lot of details, which grab the attention of the followers. They make their profiles look very attractive, using attractive images and videos.

How do I Sell on Instagram?

Do not worry. It is easy to sell on Instagram. As we have already mentioned, Paywitty can help you sell on Instagram. It is a system that can take any product on Instagram and make it a sale. If you have an Instagram profile, but the product you are selling is not available in stores, this application will make it available to your followers for purchase. How does it work? Visit Paywitty now, connect your Instagram Business Account to create a Paywitty account and you can start selling on Instagram right away. The application enables a buyer to have the option to pay instantly after commenting on your Instagram post.


Your Instagram audience is there because they are already interested in your products. You can benefit by communicating with your followers and making them feel special. By selling on Instagram you’ll be able to gain more followers, more engagement, and lots of customers. This way, you can grow your brand and your business. So let’s start by looking at how to make money on Instagram.

What's the next step?

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